Statute Limitations in an Ohio Personal Injury Claim

Statute of limitations refers to the amount oftime a person has to file a lawsuit in Youngs town. This time starts the day ofthe accident (with some exceptions). The amount of time is short and requires filing a lawsuit as early as possible to prevent losing the legal right to pursue the claim. A personal injury law services youngstown oh will help an individual determine the statute of limitations in their case. They will also file the claim and offer legal representation.

Statuteof Limitations for Personal Injury 

When a person sustains an injury in an accident,it is called an injury to person. This means they were injured in an accident such as a car accident, fight or slip and fall. Ohio only gives the injured person two years from the date of the accident occurred to sue. 
For instance, if a car accident happened on September 1, 2018 in Youngstown, then the individual has until September 1, 2020 to file their claim. If the individual filed their lawsuit on September 20, 2020, then it would be too late. Their case would be dismissed.

Statuteof Limitations on Injury to Personal Property in Ohio

An injury to personal property simply means that the property was damaged in an accident. Property damage can occur when a vehicle is damaged in a car accident orglasses were damaged when the victim was hit in a fight. A victim can suffer nophysical injury to their person but have property that is damaged. According to Ohio personal injury law, they have two years from the day of the damage to suethe at-fault party.

Statuteof Limitations Medical Malpractice in Ohio

Professional malpractice occurs when aprofessional fails to perform their legal duty and injures someone. A personhas one year to sue from the date that failure occurred. The exception to therule is medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional fails to provide standard medical care to a patient. The failure caused the patient an additional injury. 

If this occurs, the injured patient has one yearto give notice of the intent to sue. This extends their time to sue to 180days. They have up to four years maximum to file their lawsuit in Ohio. 

It’s important to remember that statute oflimitations allows the case to be heard in a Youngstown courtroom. It doesn’t matter if the case is resolved in one month or one year. It also doesn’t matter if the case is settled out of court. 

Statuteof Limitations Is Vital to Continuing a Personal Injury Case 

It’s important to speak with an individual about providing a personal injury case. An individual in Ohio only has a short amount of time to file a lawsuit so they can have their case heard in court. This means the claim should be filed as early as possible in court. The case can still be resolved outside of court in a settlement. The purpose of filing early allows an individual to keep their legal rights to sue and go to trial.